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Posted by: Sierra Troitsky

You’ve driven through construction traffic, taken various routes through the city, and endured random street closures in the name of improved transportation. Well, it’s finally here – the Red Line is opening on September 1st!

The rapid Red Line will increase convenience, frequency, and reliability, while improving travel times and decreasing wait times. Many local routes that once traversed the same corridor as the Red Line will now feed into the Red Line, providing the potential for more frequent service in those areas.

The 60-foot, articulated, fully electric Red Line transit vehicles were developed specifically for rapid transit operation, with doors opening on either side of the bus and having a range of up to 275 miles — without emitting a single cloud of exhaust.

Instead of front-of-bus bike racks, Red Line buses have onboard bicycle storage, so bicyclists should board at the door nearest the bike-storage area. New platform-level boarding allows you to roll your bicycle on and off with ease.

For 13 miles through the heart of the city, the Red Line will run for 13 miles through several neighborhoods, major employers, cultural institutions, healthcare and education with frequent, comfortable rapid-transit service.

The Red Line rolls within a quarter mile of more than 50,000 residents and nearly 150,000 jobs — that’s one in every four jobs in all of Marion County.

Twenty hours each day, seven days a week, your IndyGo ride will arrive at each Red Line station every 10-20 minutes. Exciting news for rapid transit!

Mon – Fri

5 AM – 9 PM every 10 minutes

9 PM – 1 AM every 15 minutes


6 AM – 1 AM every 15 minutes


7 AM – 8 PM every 15 minutes

8 PM – 10 PM every 20 minutes

To see a map of the new Red Line, please click here.


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